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FREE for teachers and their families



Activities begin promptly at 9 am

Free lunch is provided for the entire family.


Join us for a fun-filled, information-packed morning of exploration and discovery. Get a sneak peak of Museum programs for teachers and their students that connect with STEAM--science, technology, engineering, art and math. 


Discover the "maker movement" and its connection to STEAM as you dive into sessions ranging from the use of low-cost everyday tools to demonstrations of state-of-the-art technologies such as 3D printing robots and microcontrollers.


RSVP via e-mail today; space is limited: teacherresources@newarkmuseum.org
Be sure to type “Educators’ Open House 2013” in the subject line. Please include your name & contact information; and number of teachers, other adults and children.


Win door prizes courtesy of the Newark Museum:
•   Jet Blue airline ticket voucher
•   Field trip transportation
•   Class trip to the Museum (25 max)
•   Planetarium outreach to your school (2 classes)
•   Half-day professional development session
•   Art/Science curriculum materials for your classroom


Special science presentation: Mr. Fish's Phenomenal Physics
This a humorous exploration of fundamental physics. We explore the structure of arches, domes and airfoils. We demonstrate friction, velocity, inertia, sonic booms, the speed of sound and the basic principles of light.
Interactive programs and activities for the entire family include:


Planetarium Shows
Check out the universe in our state–of-the-art digital star theater (limited seating).


Cool Comets (dry ice comet demonstration)
Watch as an astronomer recreates the icy nucleus of a comet using dry ice and ordinary household materials.


Alka-Seltzer Rockets
Make and launch your very own comet probe.


What’s in Our Water-Microscopic Organisms
Investigate the health of an ecosystem through analyzing its microorganisms.


Create a polymer slime from two common chemicals and take it home.


Discover how strong an egg is by weighing it down with books.


Every fossil contains clues about the world when it was made. Students will look for those clues by examining the Museum’s exceptional collection of fossils—petrified wood, ammonites, trilobites, shark teeth and plants


Use microorganisms to simulate biofuel production.


Testing for Vitamin C
Test different juices to see which has more vitamin C.


Seasons gallery activity
Explore the Earth’s seasons seen in the Museum’s artwork to discover how winter, spring, summer and fall change the landscape of your community. 


Safari Scavenger Hunt
Embark on a group safari as you tour a variety of the Museum’s galleries to hunt for different species of animals.


Who done it
Become detectives as you step into the Victorian era through an exploration of the Ballantine House to find the home’s missing jewels. 


Art Bot
Learn how to hack an electric toothbrush to create an art making robot. Go home with your own drawing.


Makerspace programs (demonstration)
Learn about a simple 3d design program easy enough for kids and watch a 3d robot printer bring a flat object to life. Learn what microcontrollers can do and discover a kid friendly program that teachers youth how to code video games!


RSVP via e-mail today; space is limited: teacherresources@newarkmuseum.org

Be sure to type “Educators’ Open House 2013” in the subject line. Please include your name & contact information, number of teachers, other adults and children.



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