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Perfect Vehicles

Perfect Vehicles:
Re-Installation of the McCollum Sculptures





  Statue Folk Art? Recent Acquisitions 


Expanding Africa at the Newark Museum: New Visions, New Galleries

Expanding Africa at the Newark Museum:
New Visions, New Galleries



Contemporary African-American ArtContemporary African-American Art 



DynamicEarth IntroGly



Dynamic Earth: Revealing Nature's Secrets Lifestyle







Generation FitGeneration Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle


 Tibet Collection Exhibitions Tibet Collection Exhibitions

Chapel of the Masters

Chapel of the Masters

Chapel of Fierce Protectors

Chapel of Fierce Protectors

From the Sacred Realm: Pardises and Purelands

From the Sacred Realm: Paradises and Purelands

ABC's of Iconography: the Body, Speech and Mind of Buddhist Art

ABC's of Iconography:
the Body, Speech and Mind of Buddhist Art

The Glitter and The Gold

The Glitter and The Gold:
Jewelry From the Newark Museum

The TeapotThe Teapot

Red LusterRed Luster: Lacquer & Leatherworks of Asia

Present TensePresent Tense: Arts of Contemporary Africa

From Meiji to Modern: Japanese Art Goes Global, 19th to 21st Centuries

From Meiji to Modern: Japanese Art Goes Global, 19th to 21st Centuries

Modern MetalModern Metal: Early 20th-Century American Sculpture 

Arts of AfricaArts of Africa
The reinstalled permanent gallery, Arts of Africa, brings together extraordinary works of art from different African cultures and regions in a thematic display.  The installation explores the human form in art, dress and adornment, masquerade and performance, the aesthetics of utilitarian objects, emblems of rank and status, and art and spirituality.  Among the highlights are a 17th century Ethiopian icon painting, a Dinka man's beadwork corset from Sudan and a contemporary Ghanaian "fantasy coffin" in the form of an eagle.  Complementing the gallery are selected works of contemporary art, including a shimmering metal "wall cloth" by the internationally celebrated artist El Anatsui.


Artists and Nature: Contemporary American Art

American artists have been inspired by nature since the time of the Hudson River School painters of the mid-nineteenth century, and before that, the art of Native Americans was inspired by their connections to the natural world.  Today, many artists still create paintings, drawings and sculptural objects that explore our ever-changing relationship to the natural world around us.  Many contemporary artists use select elements or references from nature to create art that is more abstract and suggestive, rather than simply creating realistic scenes or landscapes.  Featured contemporary artists in Artists and Nature include Maria Magdelena Campos-Pons, Norman Bluhm, Alexis Rockman and Kiki Smith, among others.

Southeast Asia: Art of a Cultural CrossroadsSoutheast Asia: Art of a Cultural Crossroads
The works of art in this gallery provide a glimpse into the rich artistic legacy of five major world religions viewed through the cultural lens of Southeast Asia.  Indigenous forms of nature and ancestor worship as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity have all had dramatic and lasting effects on the diverse peoples of Southeast Asia. Separately, each grouping provides concise counterpoints of individual religious traditions while together they underscore the art of life in the land below the winds. 


Influences of the Indic World: India and NepalInfluences of the Indic World: India and Nepal
The works in this and neighboring galleries showcase selected deities from the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain traditions that were crafted from stone, metal, ivory and paint between the seventh and seventeenth centuries.  Viewing the artistic similarities and decoding the shared visual language of these works of art provides insight into the mutual experience of the cultural life south of the great chain of the Himalayan Mountains.

Gods, Guides and Sacred Symbols of IndiaGods, Guides and Sacred Symbols of India
Celebrate some of the hallowed figures of South Asian religious traditions through viewing their likenesses in stone and metal sculpture and colorful album paintings.  From the elephant-headed Ganesh to various Avatars of Vishnu, to the beloved monkey-god Hanuman and the awe-inspiring Goddess Durga as well as portraits of serene Jain Tirthankara, this installation honors and illustrates the diversity of India's religious arts from North and South and even to neighboring Southeast Asia.


Sculpture Garden Reinstallation
Six sculptures from the American Art department have been reinstalled in the Alice Ransom Dreyfuss Memorial Garden along with Toll Booth Collector, by George Segal, which has been on permanent display in the garden since its creation in 1980. The sculptures are arranged along the outside of the garden’s main walkway. The Segal and Robert Lawrance Lobe’s Harmony Ridge 27 greet visitors as they enter the garden. In the garden’s rear is a display of three of the Museum’s large scale minimalist sculptures by Tony Smith, David Smith and Richard Stankiewicz. Continuing along the walkway are Joel Perlman’s Hurricane and James Rosati’s Pennine III, which are displayed against the outer wall of the Museum’s north wing. This arrangement encourages visitors to take a “tour” around the garden to experience each piece and read the accompanying descriptive text.

Fires Escapes: Danger & SurvivalFire Escapes: Danger & Survival
Learn how to locate and prevent fire dangers.  Witness "Survival Stories," participate in a mock fire drill, try on firefighting clothing and much more.  This exhibit, located within the Newark Fire Museum, also includes a real fire truck from the Newark Fire Department.
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A Cry of Fire: The New Jersey Fire StoryA Cry of Fire: The New Jersey Fire StoryA Cry of Fire: The New Jersey Fire Story 
Located within the Newark Fire Museum, this exhibition traces the history of fire fighting from the profession's early roots in the 1700s to the innovations of today, with a special focus on fire prevention.  The exhibition also pays homage to fire fighters who have lost their lives on duty and to all who served yesterday and today to protect us.  click here 

Dynamic Earth: Revealing Nature's Secrets 

Learn about the impact of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, investigate 65-million-year-old fossils found locally, and more. 

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Saturn: Exploring a Celestial Wonder 
The Cassini spacecraft is currently exploring Saturn's countless rings and moons to help us understand our place in the universe.  Join us to observe recent video and still images of these spectacular and curious sights, including Saturn's many satellites and Titan, its largest moon. 
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