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Dynamic Earth: Revealing Natures Secrets
Explore the geological process of plate tectonics through hands-on computer interactive animations. Computer games allow visitors to discover how geological processes have shaped the Earth over the millennia, creating new biomes to which plants and animals adapt. Search and uncover evidence of biological adaptations as you are immersed in unique dioramas of an African savannah, tropical rainforest and arctic tundra.


Planetarium Gallery
An exhibit about the planet Saturn sets the stage for discovery.  From an ancient "wandering star" to a modern day celestial laboratory, Saturn tantalizes the eye, spirit and mind.  This ringed wonder has been explored with telescopes, flyby probes and the orbiting Cassini spacecraft.  Countless rings and dozens of moons harbor clues to the history of our solar system and help us understand our place in the universe.

Generation Fit: Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle
An interactive family experience exploring the issues of nutrition and exercise, and providing an interactive "tool kit" for disease prevention and healthy behavior.  Generation Fit supports First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" national initiative to raise a healthier generation of kids.

emPOWERED: Your Renewable Energy Future
This exciting interactive exhibit about renewable energy creates awareness about the benefits of advanced energy technologies and demystify the science behind generating electricity.

Look/Touch/Learn: Nature & Art
An interactive learning area adjacent to the Picturing America art galleries is specifically designed to enhance the adult/child experience.
Nature & Art focuses on the ways nature can inspire artists—with special attention paid to the Hudson River School of landscape painters.


Look/Touch/Learn : Tibet
An interactive educational resource where individuals, families and school groups can gain valuable information on Tibetan life and culture, as well as learn about the Museum's extensive and world-renowned collection of sacred and secular Tibetan objects.


1784 Old Stone School House
Learn about the history of the building and about school days long ago from the newly installed interactive labels.  See a map of the school's first site, examine a photograph of children posing proudly in front of the school a century ago, and learn about the first schoolmaster, a Princeton graduate named John Lyon who earned only $12.00 a month!


Fire Museum
Fire Escapes: Danger & Survival is an exciting and important new initiative to teach fire safety and prevention to thousands of children and families from throughout Newark and surrounding communities. Highlights include a real modified fire truck cab that children can climb on and explore, a demonstration area with fire gear, clothing and equipment that children can try on, and a Hazard House featuring special effects and interactive devices to provide a simulated experience for locating fire dangers within the home and safely escaping without harm.
The exhibition A Cry of Fire: The New Jersey Fire Story features historic protective clothing, equipment, illustrations and memorabilia to help visitors better understand the history of fire fighting and outstanding bravery of the men who battled life threatening fires.

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